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The Evolution of Gambling


There have always been games of chance, ever since there was man. Or so we assume. There are sure evidence that the earliest civilizations – Babylonian, Sumerian, Egyptian, Greco-Roman, etc – already had advanced betting systems with odds and handicaps, similar to today. We’ve all seen gladiators in movies, but there were also animal fights and sporting bets. And there were also games of chance, although they relied primarily around dice rolling. It’s interesting to read how they thought the Gods influenced gambling – superstition has always been an important aspect of games of chance. But the ancient Roman gambling house has nowadays been replaced by the Casino, as the brick and mortar casino is also being replaced by the casino online.

By reaching the Internet, gambling became a worldwide phenomenon, more so than it was already. There is a standardization of what people see as gambling, and there’s nowhere where that’s more visible than in poker. Long are the days of the smoke-filled poker room with silent man staring down at each other over slow hands. That romantic, cinematic view has been replaced by something a lot different.

Online poker games have revolutionized and, in a way, standardized the way we look at the famous card game. The fast pace of an online poker room, where there is no time lost with shuffling and other human weaknesses, is like adapting the game to the needs and demands of the modern world, where everything is quick and on-demand.


Living with a Gambler

The Gam-Anon family group can help you cope with fact that you are living with a gambler who has a problem. You can find online a list of twenty questions and if you answer yes to at least six of the twenty, then Gam-Anon can help you.

Some of the questions are: Does this person lost time from work because of gambling? Do you feel this person cannot be trusted with money? and Does this person borrow money to gamble with or to pay gambling debts? The group called Gam-Anon is made up of wives and husbands, close friends and relatives of the compulsive gambler. You can join this group anytime you feel you need a support group and you do not have to wait for the gambler in your home to seed help first.

Here you can understand the gambling mind set and be taught way to cope with this person. It is up to us to help ourselves to gain that peace of mind and some serenity in the world of living with a gambler. It is possible to motivate that gambler to find help for himself as the Gam-Anon member learns how to deal with day to day problems.

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