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The Casino and its Structure

There is always something special and mysterious about a casino whenever you enter it. Unless you have seen the backstage area of the casino, you would still have the illusion of mystery and a slight sense of danger in your mind, but as soon as you are part of the ever growing staff of the casino, you will realize how unglamorous a casino can be. This is why we want to invite you behind the scenes of the casino and its structure.

A casino has of course the basic structure of the building itself. This means that a casino is first and foremost a building and establishment. When you go into the casino, the first thing you will see is the interior and exterior and this serves greatly in manifesting a long lasting first impression on the visitor. The deeper structures are visible in the detailed designs of the interior.

The second part of the casino structure is its hierarchy, for a casino would not be able to run if it was not for its workers. The casino owner is the ultimate boss and usually assigns a manager to oversee the whole casino structure. Following the manager is the assistant manager of the whole casino or the casino branch, and underneath the assistant manager are the supervisor and the other marketing and accounting teams that are responsible for the finances and the publicity. Next in the casino structure is the pit boss who supervises the pit supervisors and the latter is responsible for complaints from players and misconduct.

The lowest personnel in the casino structure is the dealer who is stationed directly in the pit at the table games and in the case of slot machines, the hosts are stationed at a booth. There is also the technical staff that supervises the slot machines and come in for other major and minor repairs and we have the serving staff which serves foods and drinks to the players and guests.

An important part in the casino structure is the eye in the sky which is the surveillance team. The surveillance team is present in both within the pit and without the pit, meaning behind the camera in order to watch for suspicious activities within the casino premises. The surveillance in a casino structure makes it almost impossible to have certain mysterious and dark transaction, which also diffuses the thought of the casino being a mysterious and dangerous place.

The main casino structure as you have seen lies in the staff structure and with it the whole responsibility. Now that you have seen behind the scenes, you might have probably already changed your mind about how to perceive a casino. The structure of a casino is nothing but hard work and dedication.

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